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Frequently Asked Questions



1. Running

1.1. What do I need to run MatchEd?


MatchEd is written in Java, so you must install, or have installed, a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to run it. Check out The Source for JavaTM Technology to find a suitable JVM for your system.

1.2. Why do I get "not a recognized command" (or something similar) when I try to run MatchEd?


You don't have the java executable in your PATH. Make sure that you have java installed. If Java is installed, you must add the "bin" directory inside the Java installation into the PATH of your system.

1.3. I have a question not in this FAQ...what do I do?


Post your question in the User Help Forum.

2. Config

2.1. How do I change the file?


Any plain text editor such as notepad, emacs or even vi :)

3. Connecting to IRC

3.1. Everything seems ok, but it just won't connect to IRC.


If you have a firewall, you will have to allow the Java process access.

4. Basic Commands

4.1. How do I auth?


/msg BotNick auth Password

4.2. How do I change the nick/name of the bot while it's running?


First, you must auth as an admin, then: /msg BotNick nick NewNick

4.3. How do I stop the bot?


First, you must auth as an admin, then: /msg BotNick die

This will disconnect the bot from the server and close the Java JVM

5. Reporting

5.1. How do I make MatchEd report a game to IRC?


This should be a step by step guide to getting it working ... NOTE: before you proceed, you WILL need rcon access to the server.

- Start the bot :)
- auth with the bot: /msg BotName auth AdminPassword (Where BotName is the name you set in the and the AdminPassword is the value from the properties file. NOTE: you should receive a notice from the bot that you have been authed.)
- if you haven't set the rcon password in the config file, then set the game servers rcon password into the bot using a private message: rcon_password rcon-password
- type !startcs (or the command you have for CommandStartCS in the properties file) (you should receive a notice saying that the match reporting has been started)

If the auto setup was successful, you can test all is working correctly. If it failed or the test failed, then you must direct the logs from the server to the bot. Before you do this, you need to know the IP address that the bot is running from and the port configured in the properties file for InPort. Using whatever rcon tool you prefer, run these commands on the server:

rcon log on
rcon logaddress_add 999.999.999.999 27777 (Where 999.999.999.999 is the IP of the machine running MatchEd and 27777 is the port number that MatchEd is listening to (set from InPort in

Now to test that it works

5.2. How do I send the logs to MatchEd?


You must first turn the logging on (if not already):

  rcon log on

Then you need to send the logs to MatchEd using the "rcon logaddress_add" command; eg:

  rcon logaddress_add 999.999.999.999 27777 (Where 999.999.999.999 is the IP of the machine running MatchEd and 27777 is the port number that MatchEd is listening to; set from InPort in

5.3. Are the server logs still written normally?


Yes, the logs are still written as normal, sending them to MatchEd as well does not change that.

5.4. How can I check that it's reporting?


Turn on server say with !serversayon (or the command configured for CommandServerSayOn). With your rcon tool: rcon say test
If everything is OK, in your channel, you should see something like: SERVER: "test"
You can also change the map.

5.5. I have used !sayon but the say messages are not appearing


Make sure that you have "mp_logmessages 1" set. A good place to set this is in the server.cfg file.
Or, you might simply have forgotten to turn logging on on the server side: log on or rcon log on
Or, you may have colour blocking on the channel. If you do you can take off the colour blocking flag from the channel or remove the colours from the config.

5.6. Why does MatchEd stop sending to IRC when the map changes?


You should set the "rcon logaddress_add" command in your server.cfg file so that it will always send the logs to MatchEd.