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MatchEd has had many people contribute in one way or another, from the users, the occassional person that drops by to ask a question (which can then be used to improve documentation), people making feature requests (so it has what people actually use), people supporting the project simply with a "thank you", even bug reports help (how else can a bug be fixed if it's not reported?). There are those that support the project by being active in the IRC channel, discussing ideas and even helping out other users, not to mention daring to test the latest versions :)

The people behind this project


DeadEd originally started this project as a CS match reporter bot to be run on a linux box. Since then, it has grown to cover various HL and HL2 based games, on an Java supported platform. The project started off being managed from DeadEds homepages but has now moved to sourceforge.


Cadoc had already been making some windows installer packages when the project was located on and is continuing to create and test the Windows installation packages.